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Massage Program              Description

Ready to take your massage therapy practice to the next level? Our comprehensive course is designed to help you become more effective and efficient with your techniques, achieving incredible results in a single treatment.

Developed by two of Canada's top massage therapists, our program condenses a combined ten years of full-time study, $120k worth of holistic medicine schooling, 10000 hours of self-study, and treating thousands of patients into just 10 hours of practical training.

By enrolling in our course, you'll learn the best techniques and practices to set yourself apart from the competition and advance your career in healthcare. Plus, you'll gain invaluable information to start a successful career as a "Holistic Bodyworker."

Invest in your education and become the best possible massage therapist you can be. Your clients will thank you, and you'll see the rewards in your thriving career. Don't wait - enroll in our program now and start your journey to success!

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You Will Learn

  • Over 100 specific techniques from Chinese medicine, Swedish massage (deep tissue, petrissage...etc), Ayurveda, Yoga and more
  • How to professionally perform a full body treatment from start to finish with each body part broken down simply
  • How to calm the nervous system, breathe properly and relax to facilitate healing
  • How to establish a deep connection with the client and hold a safe container
  • How to directly treat the organs and understand the emotions related to them
  • How to release trauma from the body and to hold the space
  • How to release trigger points, blockages and speed healing
  • Chinese medicine, acupressure points and channel theory
  • How to treat the TMJ and perform cosmetic techniques
  • How to be incredibly effective with your techniques
  • About feng shui and treatment technologies
  • How to get the client to come back
  • How to create a space for healing
  • How to reach the clients goals
  • How to do proper draping
  • How to assess the body
  • How to hold space
  • And much more!


Key's massage course boosted my practice in a profound way, my treatments are now more fluid, intuitive and effective. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn some bodywork and beyond!

Dan Sabau, RMT

"Key's holistic knowledge of the body and passion for healing is evident. If you're thinking of taking his massage course, DO IT! Thank you for being such an important part of my healing journey!"

Michelle Fairbank, Psychotherapist.

"Key’s course is a gift that keeps on giving. His techniques have allowed for deeper than usual emotional and physical release in my treatments with clients. He is a well of knowledge and care - his course has led me to deeper understanding of what it means to be human healing. I couldn’t recommend this enough!!!!"

Sasha King, Spiritual Hygienist


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